Cashout Roulette from Betfair set to revolutionise Casino play

Cashout Roulette from Betfair set to revolutionise Casino play

We’re all familiar with the concept of cashout when it comes to betting on the sportsbook and it’s an idea that was very much pioneered by Betfair. They are at the forefront when it comes to new innovation and it’s interesting to see that cashout is now being carried across to the casino side of the operation.

The deal sees Betfair in partnership with Be The House, an exciting and creative new gaming company whose ideas could bring greater excitement to the way we play online.
Similarly, maybe you think numbers 1 – 16 will land 18 times in the next 25 spins. If so, cashout roulette allows you to do this.

Betfair will confirm the exact cashout terms in due course but the same sort of principle applies here as it does to the sportsbook. So, if your bet is winning after a certain number of spins, you can cash it out and claim a smaller profit without going the distance and risking a complete loss.

CEO of Be the House Seth Freeman said: We genuinely believe that Cash Out Roulette is the most ground-breaking development in roulette’s 300-year history.

We’re delighted to have Betfair on board and the reaction from those that have seen it within the industry has been amazing. We’re confident that we have created something that will change the way roulette is played forever.

There must be potential to carry this across into other casino games and it will certainly be interesting to see how the partnership between Betfair and Be The House develops. For now, this is one of the biggest changes in roulette play since gaming first went online and players will be looking to get involved with the cashout version right away.